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Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, yet it is plagued by significant problems. The prevailing advertising model has resulted in the exploitation of users and the implementation of immoral policies, causing harm to individuals and detriment to society as a whole. The weak moral character and problematic leadership of founders and CEOs have transformed social media into a mere commodity, treated as data to be mined relentlessly in the pursuit of profit at any cost. Smaller, newer platforms often approach these issues with a narrow, short-sighted perspective, frequently neglecting security considerations.
This project introduces a conceptual social media app, Troo, aiming to set a new standard for the internet by emphasizing privacy and positivity. Our goal is to establish Troo as the social media platform of choice for individuals who are passionate about societal improvement.
Team Project

3 Months

Research, Product Strategy, Persona,  User Flow,
Wireframe, Prototype, Testing
We conducted a comprehensive compilation of research from 2021 to 2022, incorporating interviews, A/B surveys, articles, app interaction surveys, and the Troo permission survey. This research covered a range of professions, locations, and age groups, spanning from the Boomer generation to the Gen X cohort. ​​​​​​​
The affinity maps aim to gather and analyze insights from individuals across the spectrum, focusing on reasons for social media use, user personality, onboarding experience, pain points, and possible features.​​​​​​​
Privacy and Data Security
Worries about how companies use personal data.
• Feeling like privacy is being invaded.
Lack of transparency from companies about data usage.

Mental Health and Freedom
Emotional impact, feeling unseen, unimportant, and lonely.
Addiction and lack of control over usage.
Worries about spending excessive time on social platforms.
Expression limitations, pressure for success.
Freedom limitations, and unsatisfactory reporting outcomes.

Fake News and Spam
Worries about the spread of fake news.
Increased likelihood of spam/hacking.

Advertising and Algorithm
Overwhelmed by excessive/uninteresting advertisements.
Mistrust of algorithm reliability and fairness.

Slow/ineffective outcomes from reporting undesirable content.
Feeling overwhelmed by excessive notifications.
Root Reason
The root cause of the current chaos in social media lies in a monetization model that primarily relies on revenue and profits from advertising by manufacturers.
1: When individuals depend on income from social media, there is a tendency to generate high traffic to their accounts. This can lead to the proliferation of fake news, spam information, racism, nationalism, and content theft.
2: Manufacturers aim to project their ads on valuable social media platforms to increase click/conversion rates, prompting social media to track user data for advertising efficiency.
3: Social media platforms utilize algorithms to push content onto users' accounts to keep them engaged for as long as possible.
1: Troo will employ a membership model (free/paid) to responsibly run a business that supports, protects, and empowers all.
2: User privacy is our top priority on Troo. We promise to protect your data with no tracking and provide a safe online space.
3: As a public-profit company,  we prioritize social responsibility and care for users' mental health, aiming to establish ethical standards as our goal.
4: Every voice will be heard and valued. We run the company collaboratively, envisioning the potential for healing and bringing people together, where users feel cared for and free to be themselves.
Privacy: multiple profiles, no history tracking, data protection promise, privacy breakdowns, enhanced security
Mental health: no numbers, comments management by poster, usage timer
Content: user proactive control, chronological order, no post pushing, flag content, Troo digital currency
Advertising: no Ad  for all level users, no algorithm
Service: addressing user reports, combat the spread of fake news
Controllable: fully customized control center, type-in pronouns, user-controlled loading and refreshing
Community: design for LGBTQ+ community and business users, multi-language support
Success for Troo means creating a platform where users feel in control of their security and privacy. With a holistic approach, we aim to provide users ample opportunities to authentically express themselves in various media formats. Troo will be the go-to option, both in terms of safety and features, for connecting with friends and family, as well as finding like-minded individuals who share similar interests and purposes.
Our mission is to build a platform that empowers individuals to express themselves freely, knowing that their data is secure and won't be used for manipulation.
Ultimately, Troo Co. aspires to be a leading international organization known for innovating solutions that simplify and enrich people's lives.  We are dedicated to promoting equality of opportunity worldwide through our platforms and programs, fostering openness, understanding, and cooperation within diverse communities.
To gather inspiration and evoke specific feelings, we conducted a mood board study for our brand-new social media application. This study covered aspects such as colors, fonts, graphics, vibes, UI/UX, and even included examples of what to avoid.
As this was a conceptual app project, the team focused on visually representing key features to illustrate the product concept. The team decided to prioritize essential user flows, such as account/profile creation and profile switching.
Account/Profile Creation
Explore/DM/Profile Swap
Account/Profile Creation
Profile Swap/Timer
Summary &
Next steps
This concept app project serves as a showcase for investors, illustrating the why, what, and how of the application. Hence, there is still a significant amount of design details that need to be iterated and improved.
Our next steps include fundraising, and we are actively seeking investors interested in building a healthier future in social media. Regarding the product, we will continue to work on the product MVP, finalize the users' privacy breakdown and feature details, develop an onboarding strategy, create wireframes and prototypes, and proceed with software development, among other tasks.

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